Best friend, pampered pet & treasured family member.

We offer a variety of pet focussed sessions, indoor, outdoor and end of life. We have over 5 years experience photographing pet portraits. We strive to provide beautiful lasting memories for pet parents and their furry & feathered loved ones.  


Pet Session FAQs

What do you do if my dog is sensitive to other dogs?

What do I do if my pet doesn’t like to obey commands

What do I do if my dog won’t behave for the full session?


Sessions Available

Out & About
All Inclusive Packages - Start at $249.00

Pawsh Session
All Inclusive Packages - Start at $199.00

End of Life
Phoenix Session
All Inclusive Packages - Start at $199.00


Out & About Session

We offer our Out & About Session which has three location choices throughout Wichita!


Fancy Paws Session

Our indoor sessions take place at our west side studio space. We offer a variety of backgrounds and props. We work with pet parents to prepare their pets for their session. Our space is pet friendly and offers year round photography sessions.


End of Life {Phoenix Session}

Our pets are with us for a short time. All too often, that time comes far fast than we ever expect. Our Phoenix Session offer pet parents a chance to capture lasting moments when their pet is facing a terminal diagnosis.

Custom sessions are available to fit your needs.



Mr. H & Mr. W’s Mom

“Thank you again for capturing all the family in such a spectacular way!  We will cherish them for years to come!.”

— A.

Mr. M & Ms. A’s Mom

“I was so excited when I booked a session with Karra Kostya Photography. Having professional pictures of my 2 dogs will be cherished long after they are gone.”

— L..

Mr. D’s Family

“Our dog Dewey is 14 years old, so he was a little slow getting around and so was my mom. Karra didn't mind taking the time they needed. And the result was some amazing shots!! ”

— S..



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