Website - Check!
Headshot - Check!

Social Media - Yeah, not so much…

Social media is a beast that came be tamed with the right plan. The keyword in that phrase is plan. Before you can plan, you must know where your customers spend their time socially.

Let us help you take the overwhelming task of developing a social media strategy!



I’m lost as to what social media I should be on?

We can help provide some analysis as to what streams you should focus on and how to use those medias to reach your target audience.

As a business owner, you wear so many hats it’s dizzying. We can help by managing your social media for you on a monthly basis.

Sessions Available

For the DIYer
3 hour training with analysis, strategy and suggested sample posts -

For the ‘On the Go’ CEO (Social Media Virtual Assistant Services)
$99.00/Month - 2 media streams (3-5 posts/week)
$45.00/Month - Monthly Newsletter Design (newsletter subscription not included)

Social Media Consultation & Initial Set Up - $149.00 (username creation/basic profile setup of 2 social media channels; one week of sample posts)