When we adopt a pet, it's a wonderful thing. There are parts that can be trying like hairballs, poop and trips for shots. It is an all around rewarding experience.

Then reality steps in. We begin to realize that as we age, so do our pets. This is the hard part. There isn't a pill or shot that will prevent age.

This is why we offer the Phoenix Session, our session for elderly and those pets in failing health. Many pet parents always think about scheduling a photo session to create phyiscal memories but often wait until their pet starts to decline.

Our best advice is don't wait. Capture your pet while they are still healthy so you have positive memories to cherish.

For more details on what a Phoenix session has to offer, please visit our Pricing page.

K9 Classic - September 19, 2015

I was honored to help out at the first annual K9 Classic sponsored by Sydney's Pet Resort and the Q92. Funds raised help were donated to Vested Interest.

The first annual Wichita K-9 Classic on Saturday, September 19 for a 2 Mile Run or 1 Mile Walk/Run with your pup!!! Brett Harris was the emcee for the awesome event with his crazy and fun pug Chloe!