Miss M - Grand dog extraordinaire

Miss M is a beloved member of her family and the favorite grand dog of a previous client. 

We planned her autumn session at my client's home.  Miss M is a blue Heeler mix with a good mix of shepherd I would guess.   

Little Miss M was a little hesitant to be front and center for her session but after a few minutes she settled in and we had an amazing session.  

Miss Charlotte

Miss Charlotte is a dog who is very much loved by her family. She is as her dad describes, his fifth child. She is a beautiful gentle soul in a little bittie pittie body.

She is a protector, a friend and a family member. While her parents wanted pictures of her, she wanted nothing more than to go play with her human siblings.

Her father and her have a special bond that is so evident when she looks at her family.

Wichita Family Photographer | What story will your pictures tell?

When you take a picture, there is always a reason behind why you are taking a picture. You are taking that picture to tell a story, remember a celebration, or save a moment. Similarly, when you schedule a portrait session, you are doing so to celebrate an event, to capture a memory for tomorrow, and to hold onto a feeling of a moment in time. Every portrait session tells a story.

When planning your next portrait session, think about why you are having pictures taken, what is the story you are telling?

Are you having your family photographed because your youngest is getting older? Do you want to include something that involves their childhood? Is your oldest child headed for college?  Are cousins or grandparents who live out of town visiting? Tell their story in pictures.

Do you have a pet that is getting older and you want to celebrate their life? Do you have a new four legged member of the family? Do you have a special place you and your pet like to visit together? Tell their story in pictures.

Call (316) 290-9857) or email (karra@islaycornersphotography.com) today to tell your story!