Preconsultations - why they are important

When you contact Islay Corners Photography to book a session, I ask for an in person consultation.  Ideally, I would love to meet both you and your furry loved ones!

Simply put, a successful consultation leads to a successful session!

My goal with asking all the questions at the consultation to ensure that everyone is on the same page and that you are aware of what I can do for you.  A session with Islay Corners Photography is more than me standing in a field snapping and squeaking a toy.  You are hiring me to help you to create memories that you will to cherish your session for years to come.

This is why I require a consultation in order to better serve you.   

If you are investing in a photography session for your favorite four leggers, we need to talk ahead of time to help define the goals of the sessions, what products might interest you, who is being photographed, what is their personality like etc.  

During the consultation, I go over formalities such as the pet questionnaire that provides me with important health and personality information such as temperament, vaccines record, their overall personality and the like. 

 I want to work with you to best select the location of your session so that both you and your furry best friend are safe and comfortable

It would not be a good idea to take a dog who is fearful of other dogs to a park where dog walkers are prevalent.   Similarly, some pets prefer the comfort of their home so meeting with you at your home allows me to get a feel for the location where your loved one is most comfortable.  It also allows your pet to meet me so I don’t just show up one day and stick a clicky flashy thing in their space without having a chance to meet them first.

An in person consultation allows us to get the legal formalities like discussing and signing the session’s model releases and contract.  It is far more comfortable to discuss expectations, session goals, products, and what your experience will be in a coffee shop or your home than a parking lot of a county park with the Kansas winds blowing your session paperwork all over the park.

Lastly but most importantly for me, you can put a face the name.  When working with someone’s cherished family members as directly as you do when you are photographing them, you need to meet them first.   

Hi! My name is Karra and I look forward to meeting with you!