Selecting your pet's session location - Wichita Dog Photographer

When selecting your pet's session location, you must as a diligent pet parent take your pets safety into consideration.  If your pet does not feel content and safe, it will show in the photographs.  

If your dog is comfortable in just about any location and is dog friendly, the city is our oyster. We can go just about anywhere.

If your dog is sensitive or reactive to other dogs, we are going to want to avoid busy areas of popular parks and parks where (despite off lease ordinance signs) people run their dogs off lease.   If we were to visit these parks, a location would need to be carefully selected.

When working with an older dog or one that is ill, it may be suggestible to plan your session at your home where there are familiar sounds and smells.  Comfort, consideration and an extra level of TLC is needed when working with older and/or ill pets.

Ok, parks are great for dogs but we hear you saying that you are owned by a cat.  Having been owned by two finicky felines cats for many years, we would not suggest going to an outdoor location or to Old Town.  Like some dogs, catsprefer familiar surroundings.  Let's be honest a sunny corner on a fluffy pillow is more a feline thing that a walk in the park on a lease.

Whatever we choose to have your session, the main deciding factor first and foremost needs to be safety and where your pet will feel the most comfortable.

The top 5 (okay 6) reasons why winter is a great time for a pet session! - Wichita Pet Photographer

  • It's not hot. Trust me your pet does not really like having to stand outside in 100F temps! Plus you get to showcase those great boots you only get to wear in winter at your session!
  • Session time! Winter means that less sun. While it's not super warm out, it means that you won't be blinded by the sun and we can change up the time of your session!
  • No hot pavement! A big concern for pet session in the summer in Kansas is that the pavement is so hot. We do not want our furry clients to have injured tootsies!
  • Great backgrounds! A big plus of winter sessions, we have great neutral foliage in our parks!
  • Less traffic! Have you ever tried to walk around some parks and all you see are rollbladers, runners, families with running little humans etc. etc. etc. In the winter, there are a lot less traffic!
  • No explanation required!

Planning your session - Wichita Dog Photography

When thinking about your session, planning is key. It's an investment on your memories so a little planning can go a long way.

At your preconsultation, we discuss the goals for the session. Do you want all posed shots? Are you more a candid image kind of person? Would you like a combo of both?

What types of places do you and your pet go? Are they more comfortable at home or in your backyard? Are they adventurous? Do they encounter other pets, like a dog at the park, with fear or a calm demeanor? The safety of your pet is of utmost importance so if there is any concern we stick to locations where they will feel comfortable. If your pet is concerned or stressed, it will be reflected in the images we capture. Unsettled pets do not photograph well.

If your pet doesn't handle being taken out of their comfort zone well, maybe we plan the session indoors or in your backyard. If your pet is rambunctious, maybe we plan a session with lots of space to move around. Is your favorite four legger more of an uptown kind of pet? Maybe we plan a session amongst the brick streets of Old Town.

When thinking about your session location, what tone of colors are you drawn to? Does your decor have warm tones or cool tones? If your decor leans more towards crisp and fresh greens and blues, perhaps we schedule your session for spring when the outdoor landscape is lush and green. If your decor is filled with warms rich tones, perhaps we plan your session during the autumn or downtown in the brick filled streets of Old Town.

Have you had a chance to look at the products we offer? Are there any products you are interested in? Are you looking for a signature piece for your wall? Or would you prefer an album? If you have a product in mind, it's best to plan for it before your session starts. Photographing for an album is quite different than planning a single art piece.

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