Why hire a professional headshot photographer?

Money is tight, planning a session seems like a hassle, and then that issue of picking what to wear...isn't it just easier to do a selfie?

I totally understand. All business owners go through these ideas to avoid hiring a pro.

  • Why hire a pro when you have a camera on your phone, right? I mean, it's right there and that's what everyone else does?

  • Maybe I could use my church membership directory photo?

  • Wait, we had family shots done a couple years ago, maybe I can just crop out my family.

No, just no. Selfies are so last year, take forever to create just one for to use and it really doens't make you stand out. Sometimes you need a little help to create an image that represents you and your business.

A headshot is often the first image your potential client sees of you before they decide whether they want to use you and your business to solve their problem. You only have 10 seconds to persuade potential clients, employers or dates (in the case of dating websites) before they move on the next search engine result, job seeker or swipe left.

Enter Karra Kostya Photography. We work with you to come up with the right look to convey the exact message you want. We offer a relaxed environment where you can feel confident that you will have images that suit you and your brand.

We work with you to select the right clothes and image to help you and your business, job search or dating profile to connect with your targe audience.


Sometimes life hands you lemons. And when it handed Erica a lemon in the form of a lay off from her job, she made lemonade. That lemonade came in the form of American Shaman West Wichita located at 1255 S Tyler Rd, Ste D.

Erica not only runs a successful CBD wellness business, she also is building a grief counseling business - http://www.griefrecoverykansas.com/ and pet therapy services at Harmony Rescue - www.harmonyrescue.com.



Phyllis is a Pampered Chef consultant and full time Administration Assistant. She owns J. R.'s BBQ Supply Company, LLC with her husband in Moore, OK.

She has recently been looking for a new job challenge and also wanted some images to help promote her PC business.