What is pet photography?

What is pet photography?  It is like any other genre of photography, only we specialize in photographing pets - dogs, cats, horses, lizards, rodents, etc. etc.  If it has paws hooves or claws, we photograph it.  Pet photography is important as some folks consider their pets as family members just like they would a human child. 

As a life long pet owner, I am a firm believer that all members, both two and four legged family members deserve to exist in photographs.  Our pet companions share all aspects of our lives and unfortunately only share a few years of our lives but their existence leaves an indelible mark on our hearts and souls.

Similarly to a photography studio who specializes newborn photography, pet photographers work to understand safety issues of working with animals.  Additionally, we work to determine what types of locations work best for animals, and how to get pleasing images of your furry family that you will treasure for years to come.  

Often we are asked if we photograph humans. The answer is absolutely!  We even photograph just human only sessions!  While we specialize in pets, we are experienced human family photography.  We plan your session to include both humans and pets with the primary focus on the animals.  We have found that many pet parents would like a few family photos but prefer to be a secondary focus of the session.

We look forward to working with you and your pet!

With a little bit of planning....

So you are thinking about booking a photography session?  Awesome, let's talk.  

Planning can provide guidance for a successful portrait session.  Your session is an investment in your memories so a little planning can go a long way.  

At your preconsultation, we discuss your goals for the session. 

Do you want all posed shots?  Are you more a candid person?  Would you like a combo of both?

Have you had a chance to look at the products we offer?  Are there any products you are interested in?  Are you looking for a signature piece for your wall?  Or would you prefer an album?   

Are there any images in our portfolio that you like it are drawn too? If so, please let us know!

If you have a product in mind, it's best to plan for it before your session starts.  Photographing for an album is quite different than planning a single art piece.      What types of places do you and your pet go?  Are they more comfortable at home or in your backyard?  Are they adventurous?  Do they encounter other pets, like a dog at the park, with fear or a calm demeanor?  

The safety of your pet is of utmost importance so if there is any concern we stick to locations where they will feel comfortable.  If your pet is concerned or stressed, it will be reflected in the images we capture.

If your pet doesn't handle being taken out of their comfort zone, maybe we plan the session indoors or in your backyard.  If your pet is rambunctious, maybe we plan a session with lots of space to move around.  Is your favorite four legger more of an uptown kind of pet?  Maybe we plan a session amongst the brick streets of Old Town. 

When thinking about your session location, what tone of colors are you drawn to?  Does your decor have warm tones or cool tones?  If your decor leans more towards crisp and fresh greens and blues, perhaps we schedule your session for spring when the outdoor landscape is lush and green.  

If your decor is filled with warms rich tones, perhaps we plan your session during the autumn or downtown in the brick filled streets of Old Town.

By taking a few minutes to talk and plan your session, the resulting images from your session will be well worth it!


A Four Legger themed Save the Date! - Wichita Dog Photography

Save the Date meets a Christmas Card!

Chris and Jessica are getting married!   In sending out their Save the Date session, Chris and Jessica wanted to incorporate their four favorite four leggers!  

Meet Meeka, Athena, Levy and Nox.  Four fuzzy furry four leggers with energy to burn! 

With my wonderful assistant Dixie from Gentle Guardian Pet Sitting, we were able to capture some beautiful moments with the pups and with Chris and Jessica.

Merry Christmas everyone!