Session Preparation - Grooming For 4 Leggers - Dog Photographer Wichita KS

Do's for your pet!

  • Groom and if necessary bath your pet.  Grooming can be a brushing to get all the mattes out, burrs/stickers etc.  It may also mean a trip to the groomers. 
  • Plan on using their 'good' or a new collar.  We ask that pets stay on leash which we will remove later on.  This also means they will need to be wearing a collar.  When possible we do try to remove collars but where we can not, it is best to have a nice looking collar.
  • Exercise your pet...a lot.  If you usually walk them for 20 minutes, walk them for an hour before your session.  This is very important and not something to forget to do.
  • If we are having your session at a location your dog regularly walks, plan to arrive extra early        and walk them so they are settled and not wanting to walk during their session

Do not's for your pet

  • Do not feed a bunch of treats to your pet before!  We do use shakers to help keep your pet's attention, if they are full, they will want to sleep not pose!

  • Hold off on the water as best as possible.  While we want your pup well hydrated, some breeds who have beards or longer hair around their mouths, need to have their face dried and combed after their drink.

The top 5 (okay 6) reasons why winter is a great time for a pet session! - Wichita Pet Photographer

  • It's not hot. Trust me your pet does not really like having to stand outside in 100F temps! Plus you get to showcase those great boots you only get to wear in winter at your session!
  • Session time! Winter means that less sun. While it's not super warm out, it means that you won't be blinded by the sun and we can change up the time of your session!
  • No hot pavement! A big concern for pet session in the summer in Kansas is that the pavement is so hot. We do not want our furry clients to have injured tootsies!
  • Great backgrounds! A big plus of winter sessions, we have great neutral foliage in our parks!
  • Less traffic! Have you ever tried to walk around some parks and all you see are rollbladers, runners, families with running little humans etc. etc. etc. In the winter, there are a lot less traffic!
  • No explanation required!

The Phoenix Session

When my husband and I adopted our first cat together, we were experienced pet owners.

That said nothing prepared us for the day when our sweet little orange tabby Marmalade (Marma was nearly 18) passed away from chronic renal failure. When we returned from the vet's that day, all we had left was her collar, some toys and a few snapshots. Our hearts were at a loss.

When we adopted our new furry friends, our second cat was an orange Tabby. We had started with a Harry Potter theme when we named our cat Gryffin (he came to us with the name Spunky...yeah no). When the only girl kitten in a sea of orange Tabby boys wiggled her way into my husband's heart, he had a name instantly - Phenix (as in Fawkes the Phoenix from HP; she was a beautiful auburn Tabby).

Yes I know her name is spelt wrong. Our then vet misspelt it and well, we went with it.

Our Phenix has been truly a rebirth of sorts, both good and bad. She's an orange Tabby just like Marms with an equally strong heart and personality. She is also afflicted with the same end of life disease, chronic renal failure that Marms had.

In mythology a Phoenix is a creature who dies and is reborn in fire.

Our end of life session is very similar. It is an opportunity to capture images and memories of your furry friend.

Photographs are a return ticket to a time otherwise lost to time.m

A Phoenix session is a celebration of life, but it's okay to show emotion.