Missy - A Senior Pet - Phoenix Session

I am pleased to introduce Missy to the Islay Corners Photography family.  Missy is a senior pet who doesn't like to give out her age but let's just say she's over 10.  What lady ever does want to give her age?

MIssy is a beautiful Sheltie with a heart of gold and quiet demeanor.  Missy is her Mom's constant companion.  She is pleasantly fluffy and a gentle soul that words can't accurately describe.

Missy's parents contacted me this spring for a Phoenix session as Missy is an older pet.  Missy's Phoenix session was photographed at her home because of it's beauty and it has so many special and memorable places for Missy and her parents.  Being spring we were also able to take advantage of the beautiful garden Missy's Mom has created.  

Our Phoenix session is designed for senior (those four leggers over 10 years of age) or those who are soon to cross the Rainbow Bridge because of end of life or health complications.  

The Phoenix session is a celebration of your pet's life.

Mr Walter and Mr Hobo

I met these two distinguished gentlemen downtown with their owners for their Fur Session.

Hobo is a little serious and Walter is a tad bit mischievous, just how I love my four legged clients.  I love characters of all kinds, good bad or just plain a little bit of a trouble maker.  It keeps things lively and fun.

If I don’t come out of a session with a sore face from smiling and laughing at the antics that my furry subjects have gotten into, I haven’t done my job right.

One thing was clear from my first consultation with Walter and Hobo’s mom, their parents love them very much.

Fun Dog Pictures Wichita KS.jpg

Mr. Rufus

Mr. Rufus is a happy go lucky GSH Pointer Labrador cross and he channels both sides of his lineage!  One minute he is a mellow lab and the next, the energized pointer comes out!

He galloped through the first hour of our late afternoon session with an exuberance that left us two leggers tired and Rufus wanting more!

If ever there was a dog who was ball obsessed, it would be Rufus.  He has a laser focus on wherever the ball happens to be...note to self, I need to get a tennis ball mount for my camera!

If Mr. Rufus looks familiar, he is the pride and joy of his mom, Dixie, who owns Gentle Guardian Petting Sitting+.  He shares his home with his little brother Willie.