When we adopt a pet, it's a wonderful thing. There are parts that can be trying like hairballs, poop and trips for shots. It is an all around rewarding experience.

Then reality steps in. We begin to realize that as we age, so do our pets. This is the hard part. There isn't a pill or shot that will prevent age.

This is why we offer the Phoenix Session, our session for elderly and those pets in failing health. Many pet parents always think about scheduling a photo session to create phyiscal memories but often wait until their pet starts to decline.

Our best advice is don't wait. Capture your pet while they are still healthy so you have positive memories to cherish.

For more details on what a Phoenix session has to offer, please visit our Pricing page.

Wichita KS Dog photographer - Miss Whinney, the Labradoodle

Whinney is the fur child, Labradoodle and oldest ‘daughter’ of a dear friend. She started off as a little fuzzy ball with big paws who grew up to be all legs and full of fun. She has two younger human siblings who keep the household hopping so Whinney loves any chance to play with an adult (in this case, me)!  She loves to romp around the backyard saving her humans from bugs, leaves and other intruders.


Getting her to sit for a portrait was a challenge in the June humidity but I think she was captured in all her glory.  She’s definitely a ball dog!  Well, she's a dog who loves to play with whatever is nearby, this time it was her ball.


And she’s showing no signs of slowing down despite her age!


Wichita KS Dog photographer - Mr. Moxie and Little Miss Avery

Moxie Dog Pet Photography Wichita  6

Mr Moxie is a Morkie (half Maltese and half Yorkie) and Little Miss Avery is a Yorkie. What they don’t have in stature, they make up for in personality and speed! Moxie is the older brother while Avery is the baby of the family. They were more than happy to smile for the camera, provided there was compensation in the form of treats! Being this cute requires a lot of effort!


Mr. Moxie is quite the poser!  He is definitely the one who wants the attention and makes sure you get his best side!

Moxie Dog Pet Photography Wichita  6

Moxie Dog Pet Photography Wichita  3

Avery Moxie 9_-9


I love it when people comment that it must be easier to photograph animals than young children.  I have to laugh at that because they are surprisingly similar with the difference being, the animals are often faster.  The smaller the animal, the smaller the places to focus and the faster they seem to run!

Little Miss Avery is an excellent example of exactly this!  She is a very small and very fast, there was often a little brown streak across the field of view!  That said, when she did stop to pose, she is adorable!

Avery Dog Pet Photography Wichita  1

Avery Moxie Portrait 3_-2


Avery Dog Pet Photography Wichita  2

Moxie, Avery and their brother!

It was the end of the school day when Avery and Moxie's brother arrived home.  Moxie decided that Avery had gotten too much of the spotlight....!

Moxie Dog Pet Photography Wichita  8

Moxie Dog Pet Photography Wichita  7