Pet photography Wichita KS - Miss J and Mr. J

Miss J Mr J Pet Portrait Wichita KS 5

Miss J is a soon to be high school graduate, with plans for university. Miss J is the granddaughter of a dear friend. She reminds me of myself, twenty years ago. I had two horses in my younger years, back when I lived on a farm. They meant the world to me as Mr. J means to Miss J. Mr. J has had her equine companion for a few years now. J lives with a mother daughter duo of burros, a herd of Herefords and two farm dogs. He's a beautiful bay roan quarter horse with quite the personality. He loves to watch the world go by and nibble on the lead.

We did our photo session on the farm where Miss J's grandma lives. It is a former working dairy farm turned hobby beef farm. We traveled around the farm looking for interesting backgrounds and made sure we got some images in front of the old milk house where Miss J's grandparents once milked their cows.

It was so wonderful to meet these two friends! We were photo bombed by the burro duo who just wanted to have their pictures taken too!







Wichita KS Children's photographer - The dapper Mr. K!

Oh the adorable Mr. K!  He is the younger brother of my oldest’s friend from preschool.  He is the youngest and sweetest of the trio of brothers. He is the twinkle of his momma’s eye and he has the sweetest little personality that shines through in his 2 year old photographs.

What I love about this session is how his mom included items that have a legacy aspect into the session.  I am a big believer in including items that have meaning to the child and the family.  This could be a book they love, a lovey who they snuggle with at night or an item that has history for the family.

In Mr. K’s session, we incorporated a rocking chair that has been in their family for generations.

We also included some books he enjoyed reading and a wagon that both he and his brothers have used during their childhood.

Mr K 1

It was wonderful to capture this little guy as he is at the age where he is less baby/toddler and more so little boy.  Two years seems to be the age where little ones are slowly becoming the little person they are destined to become.

Mr K 2

I loved capturing the happy shy moments and the moments where he was a little more 2 year old-ish!

Mr K 3