FAQ Series - Why we provide proof prints

Do you sell the digitals?  Yes, we do.  We also provide a 4x6 proof of every digital image you purchase. 

We understand wanting the digitals.  In today's digital world, digitals fit nicely.  However, we are old school and have a caveat about digital files.  They are fragile - they can easily be corrupted, they can easily be deleted and unfortunately they suffer from technology changes (when was the last time you used a floppy disk?).  

Prints last years.  How many of our parents and grandparents still have pictures of past relatives in albums and frames on the wall?  

We believe in providing quality products and service to our customers by providing both digital images and professionally printed products, which include proof prints.  

Professionally created prints and products can be framed, displayed and enjoyed all year long. A USB sits in your drawer.  

Wow look at that gorgeous USB drive on your desk, said no one ever.
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