Wichita KS family photographer | Sisters are the chocolate chips in the cookie of life

Family C 2013 Wichita Family Photography 3

These two little girls brought it for their family session.  They were all smiles, willing to walk to change up the background and patiently wait when a potty break was needed which meant a 10 minute drive there and back! The family wanted a few group shots, capturing these two young ladies was of importance.  Like my relatives, their families live far away so having updated portraits other than cellphone snaps and Facebook uploads, it very important.

Before their session, their mom and I discussed several things such as a location of where they would like to have their session taken.  This is key in order to help determine the clothing choices for the session.  They wanted a  simple Kansas like session, outdoors on ideally a warm day.  Also knowing that the weather can change seasons in an hour (warm to cold, cold to warm also affects clothing choices)

It was November in Kansas which pretty much means, browns, tans and beiges are what you find in most nature areas and parks.  Anytime past October and before April, the Kansas landscape is very neutral.

With this type of knowledge, we could plan their clothing choices.  The girls had definite color preferences, one loves pink and one loves purple.  Both colors would stand out on a neutral background, create a timeless photograph, and make the girls happy because they could wear something they liked/could wear again which makes life easier for Mom.

This session turned out so wonderful! The grandparents received beautiful timeless photographs of their grandbabies who are quickly growing lovely young ladies!