Wichita KS photographer | My love hate relationship with Pinterest...

I have a Pinterest account...I love to see all that's been pinned. It's wonderful resource but it's also a cause of great distress...it creates unrealistic expectations. Pinstrosity anyone? Looking at Pinterest. you see all these gorgeous images of people in gorgeous outfits. As a mom of course, I want my kids to look like that but that expectation causes stress for both me and the kids.

Simply put, life doesn't happen like it does on Pinterest. I know that the stars sometimes have to be aligned just right to get those pictures because when you are working with kids and animals, anything can happen.

Need further proof? I maybe a photographer but my kids are kids. My kids don't always want to dress in the outfit I want them to, they don't want to stand in the perfect pose and nothing is going to convince them to if they don't want to. Maybe they are having an off day. We just need to work with what we've got. It does work out alright in the end.

Need more evidence? I ask my kids one afternoon to come outside and pose for me so I could practice and maybe get a good casual image of them for the yearly grandparent calendar. This was my real goal but they didn't need to know that.

This what I got....yeah, not the angelic awe inspiring Pinterest worthy look I was going for right? I could have pushed them and got fake smiles but they would not have been true smiles or emotions, and they would not have had a great memory. I did get some great images that I will treasure forever because they are my kids and they were just being themselves.

Moral of this? Take a deep breath and try to let your kids be who they are, even if its not a Pinterest worthy image every time. 20 years from now, you will enjoy remembering those moments a lot more and your kids will thank you for it.