Aspiring Authors in Wichita!

I had the pleasure of taking the portraits of two aspiring writers in June at Botanica here in Wichita.

These two lovely ladies have been friends and fellow writers for quite a few years now. They were both past and present members of the Wichita Romance Writers Association and both have written historical novels. Melissa is also a member of Sisters in Crime.

Melissa's passion is the British World War II Airforce. Her novel takes place during the Battle of Britain. She has coined her novel's genre 'a thrilling cozy'.

Here is a synopsis of her first novel - In Murder Decoded, a World War Two mystery adventure, American Wren Buchanan, a brilliant codebreaker with the Women's Auxiliary Air Force aids his majesty's forces against Nazi Germany. When Wren's coworker is shot by one of their own, she discovers that not everyone is who they appear to be and that her talents are not only for decoding wireless transmissions, but for saving an entire country before all hope is lost.

Her second manuscript is Murder in the Blitz.

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Fran’s writing genre is Regency romance. Her novels take place in the 1800s. Her current novel’s title is "The Duke's Obsession". This novel took second in the 2012 Maggie Contest and is currently a finalist in the 2013 Marlene Contest.

Here is a synopsis of “The Duke’s Obsession" - When an American heiress to a successful shipping line is sent to England to recapture investors lost to the war of 1812, she never intends on forgiving the nation responsible for her brother’s death and impressment. But when a duke offers his wealth in exchange for an opportunity to change her misconceptions, she finds love in the place of hatred in "The Duke’s Obsession".

Recently, Fran relocated with her family to South Carolina. She is a a PRO member of the Romance Writers of America (RWA). Fran also belongs to the Carolina Romance Writer's chapter of the RWA.

You can find out more about Fran and her work at Frances Fowlkes.

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