Mr. Dewey

World meet Mr. Dewey!  Dewey and his mom came to Islay Corners Photography for his Phoenix Session!  Dewey's mom and he share a very special bond.

Dewey was a little camera shy but we worked together to create some beautiful 'senior' photographs that his mom will treasure for years to come.

Dewey is a 13 year old Sheltie with a heart of gold.  We visited the Eastborough Park for his senior session.  

Dog Pet Photo Picture Wichita_0049.jpg
Dog Pet Photo Picture Wichita_0044.jpg
Dog Pet Photo Picture Wichita_0045.jpg

Miss Melanie's Pack

I love meeting other women entrepreneurs and Miss Melanie is one of those!  She runs Pawtree Go Dog Go Independent petpro ( which is a pet food company.

She also is an Agility competitor.  Her pack is Eli Brady, Lindsey and Cody.   Cody, a former Agility competitor, is the oldest, only has eyes for his mom and his Mom's heart dog.  Eli is the youngest and has the most wonderful mischevious nature.  Miss Lindsey is her Daddy's girl. Brady is a beautiful Sable sheltie and he knows it :)