Mr. Izzy & Ms. Bella

It was a bright and cloudless day when I met Izzy and Bella at their beautiful home.  These two adorable border collies are quite the pair!  

Izzy's mom was excited about their session bt a little worried about Mr. Izzy.  He's a bit camera shy like he runs away and hides whenever a camera comes out.

While he did shy away, I used some tried and tested techniques to capture Mr. Izzy in all his glory!  

Ms. Bella, the alpha girl that she is, did whatever we asked of her as long as there was a tennis ball in view.

Dog Pet Photo Picture Wichita_0050.jpg
Dog Pet Photo Picture Wichita_0056.jpg
Dog Pet Photo Picture Wichita_0055.jpg

So...what is business content (Hashtag)?

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